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To be fully known…and loved

Disconnected, unhappy, frustrated, hurt, betrayed, and so unimportant. These are the feelings we often hear from couples we see at Healing & Restoration counseling. You might find you and your mate arguing about the dishes or your different parenting style. But truly the issue is not really the issue. Typically couples fight to obtain some sort of connection with their mate, even if it is a negative connection.

We find that at the root of most issues within relationships and marriages is the desire to be known. Truly and completely known and loved for who we are. Imagine your mate taking one look at you and knowing exactly what you are struggling with and how to fully love you in that moment. Do you know it is possible to have this kind of deeply connected and loving relationship?

The team at Healing & Restoration Counseling will help you and your mate to get to the core of the issues in your relationship. You will become to know able the vulnerable side of your mate and become more vulnerable yourself. Both of the opportunity to be fully known and loved.