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Kristin Overman, MS LMHC

Welcome! You are not alone and there is hope and restoration ahead! You are making a courageous choice to seek support and I look forward to meeting you!

My Goal as your Counselor

My goal is to offer you the comfort and encouragement you need to heal in the midst of your circumstances while providing you with practical tools to help you live life as fully as possible. I want you to know that what you are experiencing is a normal reaction to hard circumstances. One of my personal passions is helping people become mentally and emotionally free from the things that have weighed them down and caused them shame! Shame is the emotion that motivates you to want to hide, keep secrets and prevents you from sharing who you really are with others. This creates loneliness and feelings of disconnection. My hope is to bring more freedom and confidence into your life!

Focus Areas

My special focus areas in counseling are:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief & Loss
  • Emotionally Abusive Relationships
  • Abortion Recovery
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Faith and Spirituality

My Counseling Approach: What You Can Expect in Therapy

I am a trauma focused therapist and a disciple of Jesus. My heart is for the wounded, hurt, and lost and all that I do is centered on lifting you up. You can expect to experience love and acceptance right where you’re at and receive practical tools and advice to overcome your circumstances. I am passionate about helping others understand themselves, accept themselves and love themselves. Trauma (e.g. sexual abuse, emotional abuse, divorce, violence) tears us down and leaves us believing we are the problem- unlovable and incapable. I will help set you free from this mindset and enable you to see the treasure that you are and your ability to change the direction of your life.

What I offer therapeutically varies depending on the need of each of my clients and their preferences. I primarily use Life Span Integration for healing after trauma, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy to provide you with practical tools to manage emotional ups and downs. You can expect therapeutic homework suggestions between sessions to help you get the most from your counseling experience. Some of these activities include: writing healing letters to process grief and loss, reading information on emotion regulation tools and practicing these outside of session, and completing personality assessments to gain more understanding and acceptance. Again, these activities are optional and based on your preferences.

What I Can Offer You as Christian Counselor

I have counseled many to who have had religion and scripture used as a weapon to control and manipulate them. This has left my clients angry, hurt and confused. You may be questioning if you even want to incorporate faith into your life or unsure of what you think about God. I have helped many explore their thoughts and hard questions about God in a safe and non-judgmental environment. I am here to help and if this is something that interests you I am more than happy to walk alongside you as we explore this together.

I have also counseled those who enthusiastically want to incorporate their Christian faith into their counseling sessions and are looking for a Christian therapist. If this describes you then look no further. It would be my honor to pray with you, offer biblical perspective, and build you up in your faith.

If this is not an area of interest for you, please know that I welcome everyone and have helped hundreds of individuals with a wide variety of faith backgrounds to no belief in a higher power at all. Integrating spirituality or not is completely up to you.

A little bit about me…

I am passionate about helping others see how valuable, treasured, and capable they are. I have gone through my own valleys and know the pain of emotionally destructive relationships. I have overcome and grown through it all and now help others to rise up and experience hope and peace. I am blessed and grateful to live a full life here in the Pacific Northwest with my fish biologist husband and our blended family with now five grown children!

In my spare time, I enjoy clamming, fishing, going on little adventures, home decorating and spending time in my craft room coming up with fun creations.