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We embark on this journey called “life” full of excitement, with big dreams and significant hope that our lives will have meaning, joy and fulfillment. What most of us find is that life is FAR from perfect. We experience broken hearts. We lose a parent too early in life. We are traumatized through sexual abuse or rape. Our mate is unfaithful. We experience enough rejection and non-acceptance through life that we just don’t know where we belong.

This is life! Through these disappointments or downright traumas, we become incredibly stuck. We develop new “truths” as ways of coping with these painful situations and adopt unhealthy sets of beliefs.

“Let’s journey through your healing together.”

Typical talk therapy and counseling methods have failed to get people unstuck from these destructive beliefs. The team at the Healing & Restoration Counseling Center have discovered a highly successful method in which to get you unstuck permanently. Proven to give you the joy, happiness and contentment you desire in life.

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About Healing & Restoration Counseling

Welcome to Healing and Restoration Counseling where you will find inspiration and practical help to overcome life’s difficulties. We are a group of strong, passionate and faith-based caring professionals who have been clinically trained to offer you the best therapeutically! Our team is unique in that each of us has walked through our own struggles and understands that life is full of challenges and heartache.

We can offer you hope, effective interventions, and fresh perspective to help you live more fully. You are
important and we look forward to walking along side you on your journey to healing and living a life free of depression and anxiety.

We invite you to learn more about each of us in the bio section.

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