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Welcome dear woman! In this life, we women face trials that suck the energy, hope and joy right out of us. From a strained relationship with our partner, struggles with codependency and trying to make everyone happy, or worry about our children’s choices, to the rejection we may face from others. This daily battle can leave us feeling exhausted and anxious not knowing quite how to overcome and live the life we’d like to have.

This place of frustration and hopelessness does not need to be a permanent destination for you. When you come for counseling you will find encouragement, learn effective coping skills, and gain fresh perspective helping you find your way out of the storm you’re going through. It is important to know that what you are experiencing emotionally, physically, and mentally is a normal reaction to difficult circumstances. You are not crazy or losing your mind, you are simply hurting.

Our team at Healing and Restoration Counseling will provide you with a compassionate and restful place to unwind, be heard, and find hope.You may be thinking you’re not worth the investment or your situation is too messy or impossible for counseling to make any difference. We have helped many who started their journey thinking this same thing and our clients have found peace, strength and true healing through the counseling process.

We look forward to meeting you and walking along side you. We have daytime and evening appointments available and counselors who specialize in integrating your faith into the healing process. Call today to schedule an appointment!