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Wallace Forslof, Counseling Intern

Life has a way of bringing us challenges that can leave us questioning our direction, self-worth, or value. While trying to navigate back to a place of peace, we often find ourselves feeling stuck and as though we're just spinning our wheels and traveling in circles of pain. We might recognize that we need a gentle nudge to get moving, but asking for that help can feel daunting and it's hard to know where to start.

Counseling Approach

I bring a trauma-informed approach to counseling that recognizes the impact our past experiences can have on our present lives. Using Cognitive Behavior Therapy, it is possible to challenge those negative beliefs instilled by trauma to enable healing and growth while cultivating wholeness and well-being. With Lifespan Integration, we can find a deeper understanding of ourselves.

While the traumas we endure can feel overwhelming, I believe in the inherent strength and resilience of every individual and that we can partner to develop strategies to overcome this burden and achieve positive therapeutic goals.

Together we will create a safe space to explore your emotions and life experiences in a way that can free you from the feeling of being "stuck" and propel your forward progress. We can explore these life experiences and how they fit into your story in a way that promotes well-being and healthy relationships.

About me

My passion for helping others heal from trauma has grown from my journey through times of darkness over a combined 27 years of military and law enforcement experience.

While navigating my own ups and downs of life, I became intimately familiar with how traumatic experiences impact well-being, relationships, and the ability to see value within ourselves. I learned that being authentic can lead to empowering growth despite the trauma and this healing is what started my journey toward a master's degree in clinical mental health counseling where I am projected to graduate in the spring of 2025.

Outside of work and my studies I can be found enjoying all things outdoors with my wife. In our adjustment to becoming empty nesters, we fill our free time with hiking, fishing, and traveling to new places.