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Feeling the stressors of being a father, provider, employee or simply trying to connect more with your spouse? Men have it tough. They’re supposed to go to work, support the family financially, be strong, be there emotionally for their spouse and kids, and take out the garbage without ever being emotional. In this day and age there are a million ways men are made to feel they’re not good enough. Everywhere you turn the message is “be strong,” “be loving,” “be in touch with your emotions,” “be available,” “try harder” “do more, make more, be more.” The reality is men are expected to be and do the impossible. Add addiction and intimacy issues to the mix then finding relief seems hopeless.

We at Healing & Restoration Counseling help men find their place again. We help Men better communicate with those around them, become more aware of their deeper feelings & help them understand their worth, as well as rid themselves of shame and guilt. Men, you deserve to feel heard, validated, supported, and understood.