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Our kids have never had it so tough. It is no longer just about wearing the right clothing and brands or being part of the cool group. They are exposed to situations and stressors we never had to face from potential gun violence at school to around the clock social media pressures that constantly remind our kids what friendships and events they are missing out on.

If you are noticing two or more following symptoms it may be time to find help your child or teen.

Behaviors to be aware of:

  • Lack of motivation to spend time doing things they used to do
  • Excessive use of electronics and distraction
  • Isolating and keeping to themselves
  • Harmful behaviors to cope (e.g. drug use, eating less or more, cutting, thoughts of suicide)
  • Angry outbursts and/or inability to explain what is going on inside of them
  • Complaints of stomach aches, lack of appetite, trouble sleeping, nightmares
  • Intense insecurity and fear when interacting with others

This situation may leave you feeling fearful and helpless and this is understandable. We as parents want to give the best to our kids and not being able to eliminate their struggles is heart wrenching. We are here to provide hope and a way through. The team at Healing & Restoration Counseling providesa caring and compassionate environment to help children and teens work through their emotions and determine what they need. We will help your child move from being overwhelmed and feeling alone to understanding they have choices they can make and things that they can do when feeling overwhelmedby their thoughts and emotions. This is accomplished using Dialectical Behavior Therapy a tried and true approach used in the most accomplished programs throughout the world.

We also integrate a gentle trauma therapy approach called Lifespan Integration which helps a person of any age move past fears, insecurities andtraumatizing events. Our clients have found this method calms their bodies while opening up new perspective on past situations bringing mental and emotional peace. Call or email us today to help get your child or teen on a healing path.